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Reserve a Room

The Community Room, The Makery, and Conference Room are available for public use, with each room offering a variety of features. 

community roomThe Community Roommakery roomThe Makeryconference roomThe Conference Room

Room Occupancy Max Available After Hours? Flexible Room Set-Up?
Community Room 32 No Yes
The Makery 12 No Yes
Conference Room 8 No No

Reserving The Makery or Conference Room

To make a reservation for The Makery or the Conference Room, call the Library at (270) 343-7323, or email Programming Coordinator Angela Boggs at

Reserving the Community Room

To begin your reservation application for the Community Room, call the Library at (270) 343-7323, or request a Reserve a Space form from Programming Coordinator Angela Boggs at

All users requesting the Community Room must complete a reservation application at least 48 hours in advance, but not more than three months in advance.  The applicant, whether as an individual or on behalf of an organization or business, must be at least 18 years old. 

A signed copy of the Community Room Policy must be completed, signifying that the applicant assumes responsibility for the conduct of the attendees and any damage to Library property in connection with the meeting, event, or program.  All reservations are considered pending until approved by the Library and the applicant has received confirmation from a designated staff member. 

Applicants must participate in a walkthrough of the room with a designated staff member prior to their reservation. At this time, any prior damage will be noted and a checklist of procedures (ex. proper trash removal) will be reviewed with the applicant. A walkthrough must be completed before room access will be provided to the applicant.


The Library provides equitable access to the Community Room and does not discriminate based on religion, belief, political stance, race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

Permitting use of the Library’s Community Room in no way constitutes an endorsement or sponsorship of the user’s objectives, beliefs, policies, or programs.  Under no circumstance may any user state or suggest that the Library, the Library Board, or the Library staff endorse or sponsor the meeting, the group, or any set of ideas. 

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