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The Future of Your Russell County Public Library

RCPL is proud to announce the purchase of the 4.9 acres of property adjacent to our existing facility.  Board of Trustees President Adam Stille and Library Director Lindsey Westerfield share more in this video message.


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Where is this property located?  Directly behind and adjacent to the existing library building.

What is the size of the property?  4.9 acres.

When was this purchase made?  April 2023.

How much did this purchase cost?  $165,000.

Where did RCPL get the funds to make this purchase?  We used the proceeds from the sale of our old library building in Jamestown to make the purchase.  There are no financial impacts to taxpayers with this acquisition.

Why was this purchase made?  The RCPL Board of Trustees is charged with securing resources to ensure the future growth of the Library.  This purchase is an investment in our community’s future and provides ample space for expanded service offerings based on the changing needs of Russell County.

What are the plans for development of this property?  Broadly, our plans are to invest in the future of RCPL and Russell County.  Over time, we hope to provide outdoor programming and community spaces that expand our service to the community.  Most importantly, we want to listen to what Russell County wants to see happen here over the next several years.

When will development begin?  We will take a long-term, phased approach to any development that happens on this property.  Any future development will be several years in the making.

How can I get involved or share my ideas?  Please use our feedback form below and include your name and contact info if you would like for us to connect with you.

Feedback Form

RCPL will take a long-term, phased approach to any development of this property over the next several years.  Please share your wants, needs, and dreams with us!

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